We moved and need to sell our old house!

***Update: May 20, 2016 – our house is currently under contract.  We accepted an offer today.***

Our family of three humans and two furry friends recently bought a new home!  We are super excited about it; okay, maybe not our furry friends.  I don’t think they are used to it yet.  Our new home is still in Lincoln, we couldn’t leave this beautiful city.  It’s the perfect place to have a family and raise kids.  I didn’t realize this until I spent two years in Kansas City.  After living in Kansas City, coming home to Lincoln was the perfect idea.

When I moved back to Lincoln in 2009, I did not have a place to live so my friend took me in and let me live in his basement.  I did not want to rent an apartment because I have never lived in an apartment and didn’t think I would like the smaller space.  I lived with my friend for about nine months before I found a house with the help of my realtor, Gordon Opp.  He’s an awesome realtor by the way, look him up if you need help.  He knows his craft.   I used him for the new house too.


photo taken April 15, 2010, house was still this ugly beige color

Gordon took me too many houses but every house was missing something, whether it was no garage, or not enough natural light.  When Gordon showed me the house at 2141 SW 16th, I had the “THIS IS IT” feeling right when I walked in.  It had everything I asked for.  Two stall attached garage, plenty of natural lighting, ample closet space, finished basement, just to name a few things.  We started the paperwork right away.

I have many wonderful memories of this house and hate to sell it.  I got married to my beautiful girlfriend then had a baby while living there.   We made many memories with family and friends.   Selling the house almost feels like throwing those memories away.  We thought about renting it out but with our busy lives, selling it was the best option.

Fast forward to six years later, I’m married with two dogs and a 17-month old daughter.  We have made improvements throughout the house and replaced a few appliances, added a large wood deck, and privacy fence.   This seems like the perfect house for our family size, but because of my work from home job and side business taking up so much space.  We needed to buy a larger home for our daughter and dogs to run around.

A few things about this house:

  • 1200 sq ft main level
  • 500 sq ft in the basement
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms, second bath is in the master bedroom
  • two attached garage stalls
  • kitchen has a pantry with plenty of cabinets
  • laundry room is in the basement
  • appliances included- dishwasher, electric range, and refrigerator
  • external shed



master bedroom


the kitchen where i gained a few extra pounds


this yard was filled with weeds, took some work but we took care of it


awesome conversations on this deck that we added in late 2014


my daugther’s room


IMG_4698had some great poker games here back in the day.


I took this photo as I drove away from the house on moving day. 🙁 i sat there for a minute and had a quick trip down memory lane. it was awesome.


We have listed this house on Zillow for $164,900.  We are in the process of repainting and cleaning the house, and should be ready to show the house on Sunday, May 8th if anyone is interested.

Text or call me at 402.440.2194, or email me at emailme@hienngo.com, I would love to hear from you.

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Where is this?

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very pretty house! love te color!